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Estate Auctions

Estates often include Real Estate and/or Personal Property. Every estate situation is different in many ways. Sometimes there is only real estate, sometimes there is only personal property & sometimes real estate & personal property needs to be marketed. The main advantage of the Auction Method is that in any given situation, an auction will work as long as sellers are realistic about values. When both real estate and personal property needs to be sold, it makes sense to market them at the same time to gain maximum advertising exposure.

For example, we marketed an estate in the Ithaca, NY area. The estate consisted of real estate, contents, antiques, vehicle and a sail boat that was in excellent condition. The family had the boat for sale privately for 6 months at the local marina for $3,000. It didn’t get sold. We agreed to have an auction where we would market the real estate, antiques, contents, vehicle and the sail boat all at the same time with an onsite auction. This way, all the property for sale was advertised together, reaching the widest possible spectrum of buyers. The boat was advertised in real estate sections & the real estate was advertised in boat media. This process multiplies the advertising exposure of the items for auction allowing for greater marketing efficiencies. In addition, this lowers the total cost of advertising because you can reach more people for less. As a result, the boat sold at auction for $4,400 plus the (10%) buyer’s premium for a total purchase price of $4,840. Also, the real estate, antiques, contents and vehicle were all turned into cash the same day. Properly conducted estate auctions are the “One Stop Shop” way to market estates. Why not hire one company to handle the whole transaction with confidence?

Note: In most situations, real estate & personal property auctions have the same target markets for advertising. An auction of both will maximize advertising exposure because they are marketed together. A traditional real estate listing will only advertise the real estate. Then, you have to market the contents separately. Our auction way, will advertise the personal property along with the real estate providing greater exposure to the personal property & the real estate. The results will show on auction day for sure. In addition, all the work of heavy lifting, cleaning, boxing, and clearing out the home or garage is done for you by the Auctioneers. The home and personal property is sold on the same day, for true market value, and the estate can close in a timely manner.

In most cases, estate property has been in the family for decades. They have never been offered for sale in 10 – 80 years or more. When they do come up for sale, it can be an "opportunity of a lifetime." Quality real estate that hasn’t been on the market in years, lends itself to the auction method. It is a fact that auctions can be used to market quality estates with success.

Lastly, the buyer pays the commission with the use of a buyer’s premium. Real Estate sells "As Is, Where Is."

We strongly recommend "going auction" with estates. Whether it is only real estate, real estate and contents, or only personal property – the auction method should be considered FIRST, not LAST. In addition to our complete auction service, we can handle auctioneer estimates of values when needed.

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