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Selling at Auction


Public “AUCTIONS” in the United States have had a rich history of success, going back over three centuries. Today, over $50 billion of real estate is sold at auction every year and includes all varieties of real and personal property, including any type of residence, business and trade.

Whether you are a farmer, contractor, attorney, banker, broker, builder, board member, business owner, developer, executor/ executrix, heir, homeowner or investor, the reasons to sell at auction are very compelling.

An incorrect theory is that an auction is a last resort. Properly marketed, professionally conducted, real estate auctions are not "fire sales," as often portrayed. The auction, many times, exceeds the prices obtained in a conventional real estate transaction. The auction system is a proven technique to sell property in a compressed time frame at true market value. The high bidders are immediately required to give a significant, non-refundable deposit and sign a contingency-free purchase agreement. The buyers are heavily vested in the transaction, resulting in a near certainty of sale that allows sellers to "plan with confidence" because they know their property will close and they will be paid on time.

One of the problems with conventional sales of real estate is the offer process. Offers and counter-offers can drag on and, in many cases, the process either fails to result in a sale or the seller may have to sign a contract with contingencies, which can be even more costly.

Auctions "cut to the chase" of the offer process. Offers are made in the form of verbal bids at the auction and the procedure ultimately forces buyers to give their top cash price offer on the spot. Multiple buyers competing simultaneously, on a definite date and time, gets to the bottom of the offer process. Remember, TIME IS MONEY.

One motivation for selling property is to free up capital currently tied up in real estate or physical assets, in order to have working capital for another investment. Needs and financial business decisions are often TIMELY. The speed of an auction can quickly convert assets into cash, allowing for immediate use. Whatever the situation at hand, SDZ Auctioneers will take the time to understand your unique goals and selling requirements. We will create an auction marketing plan to accomplish your goals.

Some of the current issues facing owners of real estate include ongoing property management responsibilities that accrue daily, including taxes, water bills, landscaping care, heat, insurance, debt payments, and utilities. In absentee ownership situations, security problems and the resulting liability can be a major cost. In addition, carrying costs associated with real estate usually runs between 20%-40% of the property's market value if they aren’t being occupied. In New York State & Pennsylvania, some real property is depreciating in value, in the past couple of years, due to the current economic situation. This can only add more risk and uncertainty for holding on to a property longer than necessary. These are reasons why over $50 BILLION of real estate is sold at auction every year in the USA! Auctions are the fastest paying, most efficient, method of sale in the world.

How SDZ Auctions Utilizes the Auction Method to Eliminate Sellers Problems

Instead of carrying a piece of real estate for six months to a year, or longer, an auction can effectively be scheduled in 30- 60 days from approval of an auction agreement.

One phone call to our office is all it takes to get the wheels in motion. We will set up an appointment to meet with you and your associates to review the requirements for your specific auction. At that time, we will go over, in detail, the services that will be provided to you to bring top dollar for your assets. In order to achieve a highly successful auction, SDZ auctioneers will do all necessary research in advance. Then, we determine the best course of action and present a thoroughly written proposal for your review. Due to our experience with the auction process, we know what matters need to be discussed, up front, before the auction is confirmed. You can rest assured that there will be no surprises and all details will be discussed. From then on, all we need is your TRUST in our auction service.

Once you commission us to market your property, our team will keep you informed of the event’s progress, every step of the way. We keep the lines of communication open from the marketing timeline to auction day, through the post auction period, and the closing. What sets us apart is our team’s dedication to providing unparalleled personal attention and support through the whole process.

We Emphasize Advertising & Promotion to Reach the Widest Possible Spectrum of Bidders

The Auction Day Gently Rolls On

A successful auction is the result of the seller and auctioneers working together as a team. No matter what type of auction, if it has been advertised and promoted properly, the prices obtained will be true market value. If all the homework is done in advance, auction day is a breeze. SDZ Auctions and their team arrive at the crack of dawn to handle all the details. We are there early to make sure the real estate is ready, all equipment or vehicles are running properly, antiques are ready for preview and livestock are prepared for auction. Additional staff will arrive early in order to assist buyers with their questions and concerns. Food is available throughout the sale. Security is also provided. Catalogs will be provided, auction day, when needed. We start on time and once the auction gets going, our staff and yard people make sure all property is properly set aside and tagged for buyers.

The Completion of the Auction

At the end of the auction, the owner has turned their assets into cash. All property will have been sold for the TOP CASH PRICE IN ONE DAY. Our clerks balance out the auction and provide a preliminary tally for the day. In the past, owners have been appreciative for the commitment and effort that the SDZ Auctions team has made. We are professional with our business. Therefore, as your sale comes to a close, we hope that we will have formed a firm relationship with you, the seller. We look forward to being of service to you again!

Thank You for Considering SDZ Auctioneers for Your Upcoming Auction!

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