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Specialty Collections

A Specialty Collection is a serious collection accumulated over many years that usually symbolizes a family’s passion for a specific area of interest. Collections can range in size and subject matter, but all are extremely valuable to the family that has spent the time and money to accumulate them. We understand the value of these lifetime collections and we manage our Specialty Collection Auctions accordingly.

Listed below is a partial list of some specialty collections that we are prepared to auction at any time:

Advertising & sports memorabilia, antiques, bottles, crocks, toys, games, books, china, glass, porcelain, Hummels, clocks, dolls, comics, trains, photos, coins, paper currency, vintage clothing, fine silver, gold, jewelry, firearms, figurines, knives, military, historical artifacts, paintings & other genres of art, political memorabilia, tools, buttons, stoneware, airplanes, motorcycles, classic cars & tractors, prime furniture etc.

We aggressively target markets, utilizing internet and telephone bidding, and advertising to provide the best possible auction service to our collectors. We professionally photograph, describe & catalog the items in preparation for sale. Then, on auction day, the items are professionally displayed in locked cases, when needed, to provide added security. During the auction, smaller items are displayed by slideshow on a TV screen, which shows the items in greater detail. All packaging & shipping is coordinated by our service, with proper insurances in place, to assure that our buyers get what they paid for. Auctions can be conducted on the internet, onsite or at an alternate location provided by us.



136 comics sold for $17,407.50 plus the 10% buyer’s premium to equal $19,148.25 total purchase price! Bidders from all over the USA competed simultaneously to achieve greater than expected values!

Most specialty collections are sold at auction due to the uniqueness they possess. It is hard to predict exact values because collectors will sometimes “bid forever” until they buy, often paying above book values. It is the competitiveness of an auction that sets the true prices. Remember, the auction method is the only way to get more than you’re asking! If a specialty collection auction is in your future, consider Zogg Brothers as your Auctioneers & Sale Managers of choice!

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