TYPEs of auctions


Estates often include Real Estate and/or Personal Property. Every estate situation is different in many ways. Sometimes there is only real estate, sometimes there is only personal property & sometimes real estate & personal property need to be marketed.

The main advantage of the Auction Method is that in any given situation, an auction will work as long as sellers are realistic about values. When both real estate and personal property need to be sold, it makes sense to market them at the same time to gain maximum advertising exposure. Properly conducted estate auctions are the “One Stop Shop” way to market estates. If you have real estate & personal property, why not hire one company to handle the whole transaction with confidence?

Real estate

As a full service auction company, SDZ RE Offers live on site auctions, online timed auctions and live bid with online bidding as needed. We handle any type of real estate auction from big to small, top to bottom. Real Estate Auctions are our SPECIALTY. 

Single family homes and residences: No matter the location, we handle all single family home sales including handyman specials.

Multifamily homes and residences: No matter the location, we handle all single family home sales including handyman specials.

Investment & Income Properties:  With Intense focus on the property to be marketed, we can successfully market any and all types of income properties. 

Land Auctions: Trusted by our clients to get the highest possible cash prices, we are a national marketing specialist selling farmland, timberland and recreational land. With a land auction you can, Sell singly, in combination or in entirety. More people can afford 5-10 acres as opposed to 100 + acres.  Offering land in smaller tracts for highest and best use, can net the highest price and should be considered as an option especially for building lots.

Commercial & Industrial: Commercial and Industrial real estate of all kinds including turnkey businesses in some instances can be sold via SDZ auction.

1031 Tax- Deferred Exchange:  A strategy for buyers and sellers, this gives the ability to swap like kind real estate allowing property owners to avoid huge capital gains taxes.


We handle business equipment, surplus inventory sales and complete dispersal auctions for any kind of business. Auctions can efficiently sell all kinds of assets in a compressed time frame, no matter the situation. Whether you are selling a business or assets, an auction is a great way to market and liquidate. There is no need to move the assets… we will come to you!


Livestock & Equipment

We handle Farm Real Estate, Equipment and Livestock auctions.  In addition, we offer private treaty cattle and equipment sales.


We can auction all kinds of vehicles and equipment including classic cars of all kinds.

 Whether it’s a loved one’s estate or a personal collection, your antiques will benefit from a professionally marketed auction. Competitive commission rates and professional advertising will maximize the seller’s returns when it comes to antique and estate sales. 

Why sell at auction?

Public “AUCTIONS” in the United States have had a rich history of success, going back over three centuries. Today, over $50 billion of real estate is sold at auction every year and includes all varieties of real and personal property, including any type of residence, business and trade. Whether you are a farmer, contractor, attorney, banker, broker, builder, board member, business owner, developer, executor/ executrix, heir, homeowner or investor, the reasons to sell at auction can be very motivating. The auction, many times, exceeds the prices obtained in a conventional transaction. The auction system is a proven technique to sell property in a compressed time frame at true market value. The high bidders are immediately required to give a significant, non-refundable deposit and sign a contingency-free purchase agreement. The buyers are heavily vested in the transaction, resulting in a near certainty of sale that allows sellers to “plan with confidence” because they know their property will close and they will be paid on time. An incorrect theory is that an auction is a last resort. Properly marketed, professionally conducted, real estate auctions are a proven way to sell real estate from the get go. Auctions “cut to the chase” of the offer process. Offers are made in the form of verbal bids at the auction and the procedure ultimately forces buyers to give their top cash price offer on the spot. Multiple buyers competing simultaneously, on a definite date and time, will get to the bottom of the offer process ASAP. TIME IS MONEY.

Benefits Of Auctions

  • Set your own terms
  • Definite date of sale
  • Sell “AS IS WHERE IS”
  • Sell for true market value “JUST LIKE THE STOCK MARKET”
  • Sell personal property or business assets with the same auction marketing plan
  • Our service is complete, we do all the work and cleanouts if needed
  • Everything is confidential
  • Every situation is different and we look forward to discussing your auction situation.


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We highly recommend using SDZ Auctions.

It was our first auction, an absolute real estate and contents auction. Steve was very professional and thoughtful throughout the process, guiding us through every step and made us feel at ease with our decision.

The day of the auction, Steve and his team did everything and gave us the assurance it would be ok, and it was!!! If we ever need an auction service again we will contact SDZ Auctions. Thank you so much for all your and your team’s hard work. We really appreciate it.

Howard And Dorothy Benjamin